Edit Time Code Generation in LabVIEW - The POWER OF VI SCRIPTING!

The Power of VI Scripting

The LabVIEW Development Environment contains a set of functions, properties, and methods that can be used to inspect, edit, and create LabVIEW code. Yes, you read that right! This collection of functionality is VI Scripting. This functionality is often overlooked; however, if used correctly, it can be amazing. This blog[…]

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Developing a Real-Time Control and Data Acquisition System for a Deep Water, High-Pressure/High-Temperature Application

Posted by Kenneth Miller Oil and Gas

We were recently tasked with designing an accurate, repeatable way to test blow-out preventers (BOPs) for leaks in both land and offshore oil rigs. With our client Engenuity, Inc., we created automated software to quickly and easily test a BOP with an existing tricylinder tester.

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Creating an Oil Valve Test System the Ensures Critical Value Reliability

Posted by Kenneth Miller LabVIEW

Recently, we developed and deployed a system for a global company that creates and produces flow and pressure control technologies for the worldwide oil and gas industry. It sought to upgrade its hardware and use real-time rugged electronics to test oil well valves and better understand how they would withstand extreme environments – in particular,[…]

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Erdos Miller Changes the course of oil and gas drilling surveys: Continuous Inclination and Azimuth Algorithm Poses the Possibility of Continuous, Efficient Drilling

Posted by Kenneth Miller Measurement While Drilling

The competitive nature of the upstream Oil & Gas industry perseveres even through downturn as evidenced by continued requests for more advanced technology. One trend we see at Erdos Miller is that continuous inclination measurement is evolving from a nice-to-have feature for advanced users and use cases, to an every-day requirement.

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How source control impacts the 3 tenents of Configuration Management

Posted by Andrew Beal Uncategorized

Source control is imperative to businesses with multiple product versions or product lines. In this post, we discuss source control and its impact on configuration management, and ultimately, the health of your product versions and product lines.

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Turning Dumb Iron into Smart Iron – 5 Must-Have Capabilities for Smart Rugged Devices

Posted by Kenneth Miller IoT Cloud Integration

Simple tools left unchanged for decades are under increasing pressure year after year to do more. Rotating equipment is under pressure to inform their owners of exactly how much lifetime a unit has left before maintenance is required. Torque wrenches used in avionic assembly are under pressure to keep detailed track of every thread torqued and[…]

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New Tools for Measurement While Drilling Applications: The FastCAP Ultracapacitor

Posted by Kenneth Miller Measurement While Drilling

At Erdos Miller, we specialize in turnkey electronic device development and process control and automation. We solve quality, reliability, production, and cost issues in existing devices and create new, market-leading products and processes for industry challenges – a huge component of our success and the success we pass on to clients is in the[…]

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Everything Fails: How to Design Accordingly Using Reliability Engineering

Posted by David Erdos LabVIEW

If a failure of your design is going to cause anything more than a minor inconvenience, you need to plan for failure. Every system fails sooner or later, the better you plan for it the less damage will occur when failure strikes. Reliability engineering is a well-studied and understood field, but it can often be hard to put those principles into[…]

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Prototyping an Acoustic Transmission Solution for Downhole Tools Communication using LabVIEW

Posted by Rohama Khadija

As an NI Embedded Specialty partner at NI Week, Erdos Miller was invited to showcase the power of our prototyping solutions featuring a flexible hardware platform to simulate and test complex equipment before building an embedded solution.

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Top LabVIEW Takeaways from NIWeek 2016 Sessions: Part 2

Posted by Antonio Alexander LabVIEW

Several members of the Erdos Miller team attended National Instruments NIWeek 2016 Aug.1-4. In this post as well as an earlier post, we’re share the most useful/interesting information we learned at conference sessions. 

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