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New Tools for MWD Applications: The FastCAP Ultracapacitor

At Erdos Miller, we specialize in turnkey electronic device development and process control and automation. We solve quality, reliability, production, and cost issues in existing devices and create new, market-leading [..]
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Everything Fails: Design Using Reliability Engineering

If a failure of your design is going to cause anything more than a minor inconvenience, you need to plan for failure. Every system fails sooner or later, the better you plan for it the less damage will occur when failure [..]
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Acoustic Transmission Solution for Downhole Tools with LabVIEW

Publish Date 06 Sep 2016 Rohama KhadijaRohama Khadija
As an NI Embedded Specialty partner at NI Week, Erdos Miller was invited to showcase the power of our prototyping solutions featuring a flexible hardware platform to simulate and test complex equipment before building an [..]
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Erdos Miller Earns Strong Initial Victory in Oil and Gas Trade Secret Lawsuit

Publish Date 01 Sep 2016 Kenneth MillerKenneth Miller
Proven Engineering Firm Continues Work in Down-Hole Device Development
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