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Aligning Data in WAVE

When analyzing data from multiple sources, we often find that the time series data doesn’t line up. This can be due to several reasons, such as time being set incorrectly before data acquisition, the use of multiple time [..]
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COVID & Kids: Managing Work and Parenting During the Pandemic

What a year. When this started, I didn’t think we would still be in the middle of a pandemic and I would still be working from home 8 months later. At the time, my kids were starting their spring break and we knew they would [..]
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Transitioning from LabVIEW Developer to Firmware Developer

When I started at Erdos Miller, I did LabVIEW development for clients. One day, my boss asked how I would feel about doing a firmware project. I didn’t have any experience with firmware development but was up for the [..]
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NI Week 2017 (2 of 3)

Erdos Miller had a great time this past week at NI Week 2017, we got to sit down at a variety of sessions and have summarized our notes from several sessions divided into three blogs.  This blog contains notes regarding: [..]
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Acoustic Transmission Solution for Downhole Tools with LabVIEW

Publish Date 06 Sep 2016 Rohama KhadijaRohama Khadija
As an NI Embedded Specialty partner at NI Week, Erdos Miller was invited to showcase the power of our prototyping solutions featuring a flexible hardware platform to simulate and test complex equipment before building an [..]
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