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Controlling the Supply Chain Dream

You are out with your friends, bird watching, and nothing could be more peaceful. There’s a large bird looking towards you and then it tries to chase you down and have you for breakfast. Right before it gets ahold of you, [..]
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Predicting a Project – Scheduling

Making a schedule from a blank set of rows and columns can be tricky. It’s tough to get the proper sequence of events right in your head, and it’s easy to second-guess every task summary and time estimation.
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Chaos Testing: Your Software is Broken

What’s the problem?
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Specific Advice for Project Scheduling and for Managing Customer Expectations

I’ve met project managers who give vague advice, and they’re all cowards. Like the title says, this article is laid out with rapid fire bullet points of advice for a project manager to schedule and manage engineering [..]
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Introduction to PCB Design and Manufacturing

Part 1: Introduction  Once upon a time, not that long ago, I knew nothing about what goes on in getting a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) designed and assembled. There’s still a lot that I don’t know, but at least now I know the [..]
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Simple Tips For Speeding Up Your SOLIDWORKS Work

Solidworks has many shortcuts and options built-in which drastically reduce the amount of clicking and menu operations required for drafting. However, I’ve been surprised to see some experienced engineers and drafters don’t [..]
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Improving Project Success

Projects take many shapes and forms. From personal day-to-day things, to multi-year corporate capital investments, a ‘project’ can be almost anything. Some projects fail, others succeed. How can you ensure success? Let’s [..]
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Oil and Gas from a Sales Perspective

I have been fortunate enough to work in the oil and gas industry for over a year now. I’ve experienced some incredible highs, and currently going through some of the lows. For someone who has spent their entire life in the [..]
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