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Clarifying Misconceptions About “Pump Noise”

Publish Date 25 Sep 2020 Clayton CarterClayton Carter
My first days as an MWD field tech I heard horror stories surrounding what is commonly referred to as “pump noise”. I quickly identified the importance of learning to properly identify this “noise”. From the way it was [..]
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An Introduction To Responsive Design

If someone one were to say, they think it is very important for a website to be “responsive” what does that mean to you? I can tell you what I thought when I first heard the term “responsive website”.
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Failure Analysis: Is it Important?

Publish Date 21 Jul 2020 Nathan SzantoNathan Szanto
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Communication Through Design - Making Assembly Easier

After dozens of hours designing an assembly and weeks of waiting for parts to arrive, it’s a terrible feeling when you finally try and put the parts together and something doesn’t fit right. When designing parts, it’s easy [..]
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The Virtual Water Cooler

We have all experienced many changes to our daily lives over the past few months. Some are drastic and some are minor, but everyone is aware of this new normal we find ourselves in. Those lucky enough to still have a full [..]
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Implementing OAuth2 Authorization in LabVIEW

  What is OAuth2?
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Thoughts On Testing

  Unit Testing
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Oil and Gas from a Sales Perspective

I have been fortunate enough to work in the oil and gas industry for over a year now. I’ve experienced some incredible highs, and currently going through some of the lows. For someone who has spent their entire life in the [..]
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