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Specific Advice for Project Scheduling and for Managing Customer Expectations

Publish Date 17 Nov 2021 Garrett HallmarkGarrett Hallmark
I’ve met project managers who give vague advice, and they’re all cowards. Like the title says, this article is laid out with rapid fire bullet points of advice for a project manager to schedule and manage engineering [..]
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NVCC – Intro to Utilizing GPU Power to Offload the CPU Part 1

Publish Date 09 Nov 2021 Jack BakerJack Baker
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A Guide to Successful Multi-vendor MWD/LWD Implementation, Part 1

Publish Date 20 Oct 2021 Brian StroehleinBrian Stroehlein
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The Importance of Cleanliness with Soldering

Publish Date 14 Sep 2021 Bryce UrestiBryce Uresti
Cleanliness is very important especially in the environment of electronic PCB boards along with how clean the PCB board is itself. Failure to keeping clean on or around could cause problems long term for the lifespan of [..]
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Embedded Signal Processing: Sine Wave Generation

Introduction The humble sine wave, often our first journeys into the realm of acoustics and sometimes bane of math students in schools the world over. In the embedded world, sine waves are similarly ubiquitous. Often, [..]
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How Can We Be Truly Unstoppable?

The truth is, no matter who we are and what we do, each one of us wants to become massively successful in every field we pursue. But what actually determines our success? Is it hard work, luck, or something else? Some people [..]
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Rest API's (Get Requests)

I have spent a reasonable amount of time fiddling around with REST API’s and they have been very fun to use when developing pet projects. REST, in this context, stands for representational state transfer. In typical web [..]
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Why Being an Effective MWD Operator Is The Most Difficult Job on A Drilling Site

MWD. No other sequence of letters in the English language strikes a mixture of emotions in heart of anyone that’s worked on a drilling site quite like ‘MWD’. MWD stands for ‘measurement while drilling’. Fun fact - this [..]
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