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The Absolute Necessity of Goals

Publish Date 20 Apr 2021 Cameron BashamCameron Basham
The Biology of Goals  
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Nyquist Rate and Antialiasing Filter Explained

In mud pulse telemetry, we use a sync signal for synchronization. A commonly used sync signal are four equally spaced pulses. The sync signal allows us to align the data properly for decoding. After synchronization, pulse [..]
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Good Firmware Programming: Quantitative vs Qualitative

Write Software for others as you wish they would write for you.
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Configuring a Development Pipeline with Heroku and Ruby on Rails

Publish Date 17 Mar 2021 John AmstadtJohn Amstadt
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Simulations and Data Driven Approach for Improved Code Deployment

  Introduction At Erdos Miller, we are firm believers in making data-driven decisions. Programming and code deployment is no exception to that philosophy. From a firmware development background, there is a necessary process [..]
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Wireframe, Mockups, and Prototypes

Before implementing a new feature in an application, it is common practice to create and wireframe and mockup first. These are visual preview of the app made without a time commitment towards any code. These can be used to [..]
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Simple Practice of Time Management

Time Management can be very easy but also complicated based on schedules. But with practice the skill of time management can become a passive practice through weeks or even months by just starting with some simple practice.
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Introduction to PCB Design and Manufacturing

Part 1: Introduction  Once upon a time, not that long ago, I knew nothing about what goes on in getting a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) designed and assembled. There’s still a lot that I don’t know, but at least now I know the [..]
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