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Aligning Data in WAVE

When analyzing data from multiple sources, we often find that the time series data doesn’t line up. This can be due to several reasons, such as time being set incorrectly before data acquisition, the use of multiple time [..]
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Chaos Testing: Your Software is Broken

What’s the problem?
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Bitbucket Pipelines - Just a Series of Tubes

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Embedded Signal Processing: Sine Wave Generation

Introduction The humble sine wave, often our first journeys into the realm of acoustics and sometimes bane of math students in schools the world over. In the embedded world, sine waves are similarly ubiquitous. Often, [..]
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Rest API's (Get Requests)

I have spent a reasonable amount of time fiddling around with REST API’s and they have been very fun to use when developing pet projects. REST, in this context, stands for representational state transfer. In typical web [..]
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Introduction to PCB Design and Manufacturing: Part 2 Schematics

A couple months ago, I wrote the first in a series of posts on an introduction to PCB Design and Manufacturing: In that post, I gave a very high-level overview of the process and began introducing some key concepts for PCB [..]
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Nyquist Rate and Antialiasing Filter Explained

In mud pulse telemetry, we use a sync signal for synchronization. A commonly used sync signal are four equally spaced pulses. The sync signal allows us to align the data properly for decoding. After synchronization, pulse [..]
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Good Firmware Programming: Quantitative vs Qualitative

Write Software for others as you wish they would write for you.
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