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Introduction to PID Control Loops

Publish Date 03 Mar 2022 Yifang YangYifang Yang
A Proportional Integral Derivative controller (PID Controller) is a closed loop control system that is commonly used in industrial control systems. This method is very effective when dealing with an application that requires [..]
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Embedded Signal Processing: Sine Wave Generation

Introduction The humble sine wave, often our first journeys into the realm of acoustics and sometimes bane of math students in schools the world over. In the embedded world, sine waves are similarly ubiquitous. Often, [..]
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Good Firmware Programming: Quantitative vs Qualitative

Write Software for others as you wish they would write for you.
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A Tip on IDE Setup to Make Programming Easier

We have come a long way in computer programming over our history. There was a time when we inputted data into our refrigerator sized computers with holes punched into paper cards. Obviously, our tools for coding and [..]
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4 Simple Rules to Write Clean Code

Publish Date 16 Apr 2020 Yifang YangYifang Yang
  Computer code may seem structured and sterile. But, like any skill there is an art to writing code that is clean and easy to read. Presented below is a list of 5 simple rules to follow which can help to make your code easy [..]
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