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How to Improve & Gain Experience as a Young Engineer

When you’re just starting out as an engineer fresh out of college, it can be intimidating to get up to speed on how to actually apply the concepts and techniques you’ve been learning in an academic setting in the real world. [..]
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MWD Basics: Accelerometers Part 2

In Part 1 of this post, we used the idea of shining a light through a cut-out in a piece of paper and discussed how the projection of light onto a dark surface can be used to get an idea of the paper’s inclination. In Part [..]
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MWD Basics: Accelerometers Part 1

In a previous blog post on the building blocks of an MWD system, I mentioned that one of the primary measurements that the system must make is the inclination of the tool. I also alluded to the use of accelerometers for said [..]
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