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Introduction to PCB Design and Manufacturing Part 4: PCB Manufacturing 

Publish Date 04 May 2022 Nathan SzantoNathan Szanto
So, you’ve created your schematic, you’ve laid out your PCB, you’ve had multiple design reviews with your esteemed colleagues, and you’re certain that your design will work exactly as expected (haha). Now you’re ready to get [..]
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How to Build a Better MWD Hand

Publish Date 27 Apr 2022 Jason GalleJason Galle
What skills and experiences should we be looking for in new hires and what kind of training can we offer to make our hands better?  
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Customer Experience means everything to us, Here's Why...

Publish Date 13 Apr 2022 Casey MayesCasey Mayes
Here at Erdos Miller, we all strive for the same goal, and that is to provide our customers with world class products, service, and most importantly, an unparalleled customer service experience. This is by no means a [..]
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NVCC – Intro to Utilizing GPU Power to Offload the CPU Part 2

Publish Date 07 Apr 2022 Jack BakerJack Baker
Assumptions: Machine has a Nvidia CUDA Core GPU (such as a GeForce) with installed Nvidia Drivers.
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Comparing different methods to get the 50th Fibonacci number in C++

Publish Date 24 Mar 2022 Jamison GrayJamison Gray
When comparing different algorithms, we typically look at space and time complexity, and make a trade off decision based on the applications needs. Let’s look at the problem, “find the 50th Fibonacci number,” and see how you [..]
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Introduction to PID Control Loops

Publish Date 03 Mar 2022 Yifang YangYifang Yang
A Proportional Integral Derivative controller (PID Controller) is a closed loop control system that is commonly used in industrial control systems. This method is very effective when dealing with an application that requires [..]
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Making a calculator with Pyside

Publish Date 24 Feb 2022 Ashton ScaliseAshton Scalise
Python is not really the first language that comes to mind when thinking about GUI development. However, it is a great tool for automating all types of workflows. There can be certain use cases when a sort of UI integration [..]
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Introduction to PCB Design and Manufacturing Part 3: PCB Layout

A couple months ago, I wrote the second in a series of posts on an introduction to PCB Design and Manufacturing: In that post, I covered the basics of schematic design by going through the design process for a simple LED [..]
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