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Simple Tips For Speeding Up Your SOLIDWORKS Work

Solidworks has many shortcuts and options built-in which drastically reduce the amount of clicking and menu operations required for drafting. However, I’ve been surprised to see some experienced engineers and drafters don’t [..]
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Communication Through Design - Making Assembly Easier

After dozens of hours designing an assembly and weeks of waiting for parts to arrive, it’s a terrible feeling when you finally try and put the parts together and something doesn’t fit right. When designing parts, it’s easy [..]
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Basic Static Structural FEA TIPS

Publish Date 06 Aug 2019 Garret HallmarkGarret Hallmark
Finite Element Analysis (FEA) can seem like magic when you first use it. The program does all the hard math for you for any complex shape and for any type of loading. Just put in the right ingredients, and the program [..]
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