Implementing Model/View/View-Model (MVVM Architecture) in LabVIEW

Any large application needs a method of organizing and accessing functionality and data. This method is known as an architecture. There are many possible architectures available to developers. Some architectures are specific [..]
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3 Strategies for Developing Efficient LabVIEW Projects Using a Team-Based Approach

“It takes one woman nine months to make a baby, but nine women can’t make a baby in one month.” Adding more developers to a project doesn’t always increase efficiency. In fact, additional developers often create the “too [..]
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Erdos Miller Featured at NIWeek 2016

At NIWeek 2016, the National Instruments annual partner and user conference hosted in Austin, Texas August 2-4, we will host booth #108, in addition to a technical session, and featured demo in the NI Pavilion.
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Mud Pulse Telemetry Demo at the Offshore Technology Conference

We are out at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas this week featuring several our technology and engineering services including a Mud Pulse Telemetry demo.  Watch the video below to see the demo from the [..]
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The Offshore Technology Conference in Houston - Meet Erdos Miller at Booth #7125

This year’s Offshore Technology Conference will take place on May 2nd through May 5th in Houston, Texas. OTC started in 1969 and remains a great conference to access innovative technical information, make industry [..]
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We love LabVIEW.

I hate to say it, but I really do. Sure it’s not perfect for every job, but then again what programming language is? Graphical. Data Flow. Parallel. LabVIEW is perfect for what we do at Erdos Miller, and what we do is work [..]
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The Industrial IOT: and Platforms, Technologies, & Trends

Chris Conger, Business Development Manager at Erdos Miller, recently sat down with Peter Adelhardt, CEO of to discuss emerging trends in the Industrial Internet of Things (IOT).
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It’s the End of Days! (At Least for NI FieldPoint) Are You Ready?

In 2016, National Instruments is ending support for FieldPoint. In other words, FieldPoint software will not be compatible beyond LabVIEW 15 and hardware will be phased out by 2018. National Instruments will no longer sell [..]
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