Key Takeaways from the AADE National Technical Conference and Exposition

Posted by Kenneth Miller Networking, Sharing Data, AADE, Drilling Technology

I love seeing new technology and new solutions to problems in Oil and Gas. I am down-right passionate about it. This week I visited the AADE National Technical Conference and Exposition and met some really great people. Here are my key takeaways.

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How to Share Data and Mutexes LabVIEW 1

Posted by Antonio Alexander LabVIEW, Execution Timing, Mutex, Sharing Data, Architecture

 In LabVIEW, there’s a ton of stuff under the hood that can affect how you code runs and ultimately affect the functionality of your code.  Have you ever debugged some code, turned on highlight execution and found that other pieces of code were also running slowly? Or have you found that sometimes a routine in your code runs slower when another[…]

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