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David Taylor has spent his career developing data acquisition and control systems, primarily in LabVIEW. David’s skill and customer satisfaction have resulted in many successful long-term relationships with clients. He is a Certified LabVIEW Architect, Certified LabVIEW Embedded Systems Developer, and NI Certified Professional Instructor.

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Erdos Miller Favorites: the cRIO and the cDAQ

Publish Date 06 Nov 2017 David TaylorDavid Taylor
Erdos Miller's David Taylor takes a few minutes to talk about some of Erdos Miller's favorite hardware platforms. Check out the video and read on to learn more!
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PID Anti-windup Techniques

Background Integrator windup is a problem in PID feedback controllers that results in overshoot that would not occur if the system were being controlled only in its linear range. The linear range of a control system can be [..]
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Edit Time Code Generation in LabVIEW - The POWER OF VI SCRIPTING!

The Power of VI Scripting The LabVIEW Development Environment contains a set of functions, properties, and methods that can be used to inspect, edit, and create LabVIEW code. Yes, you read that right! This collection of [..]
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