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Employee Profile: Meet Rohama

Today we sat down and talked with one of our Erdos Miller employees to learn about her inside perspective and beginnings to work in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Before we dive into the work-related questions, can you please tell us a little bit about yourself outside of work?

Hi my name is Rohama. Outside of work I have two very active boys that I take care and they drain the life out of me. I enjoy exercising and gardening. Lately I’ve enjoyed cooking as well, trying to keep it healthy.


Can you please state your position and some background on your job description?

Sure, I am a software developer at Erdos Miller. I mostly work on developing data logging, control and automation software for surface and test systems.


What would your typical workday look like?


I start my day out by getting my kids ready and off to school. Once I get to the office, I’ll typically go through my calendar check to see what meeting I have , go through which projects I am working on and determine which tasks need to be completed that day and the next day. I need to prioritize tasks, since we’re typically working on multiple projects every quarter or so.


How did you end up working in this area of the oil and gas industry?

It’s actually an interesting story. I received my degree a biomedical engineering degree so it’s not related whatsoever, however after I graduated I began working at National Instruments. A lot of their hardware and software is used in automation and control systems across many fields including oil and gas. There, I gained experience in how to use their software and hardware to develop these complex applications. Right before having my first son, my husband and I decided to move to Houston, where our family was. I spent some time traveling around the country teaching LabVIEW and other NI software courses. Erdos Miller had an opening while I was doing this and here I am now.


What are some challenges that you face in this position?


My biggest challenge currently is balancing work and life. Having two kids is definitely not easy, especially with the amount of energy that they have. I always try to make sure that my workaholic tendencies don’t take over my family responsibilities. I’m lucky enough to work for a company that actually allows for that balance to happen. Erdos Miller’s work environment is great for people with growing families. They are flexible and accommodating, which I greatly appreciate. Having this provides me the opportunity to perform well in my position and as a mom.


Also, because I don’t have a degree in software development, I often have to teach myself how to program in different environments. As an example, I was involved in a project that required adding features to an electron application. I took a few days to learn React (also known as React.js or ReactJS) and hit the ground running.


Do you have any advice for women going into this field? Anything you wish you would have told your younger self?


Women are pretty scarce in our industry which is no surprise but if you’re into problem solving is engineering is a great career path. Don’t let the gender disproportion discourage you. Focus on your goal and don’t doubt yourself as you try to achieve that goal. Don’t let anyone intimidate you into thinking that you’re any less just because you’re a woman. Be confident in everything you do and keep pushing yourself to do things outside your comfort zone in your job.


As for advice to my younger self, same sort of message right? Doubting your abilities make it harder to reach your goals. Believe in yourself, try your best and things will fall into place.