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Erdos Miller Favorites: the cRIO and the cDAQ

Publish Date 06 Nov 2017 David TaylorDavid Taylor

Erdos Miller's David Taylor takes a few minutes to talk about some of Erdos Miller's favorite hardware platforms. Check out the video and read on to learn more!

National Instruments cRIO

  • cRIO is short for CompactRIO

The Compact RIO, also known as cRIO, is a real-time embedded industrial controller made by National Instruments for industrial control systems.

These devices are a combination of:

  • real-time controller
  • reconfigurable IO Modules (RIO)
  • FPGA module
  • Ethernet expansion chassis

Advantages to the cRIO

  • Reduced risk
  • Increased reliability
  • Faster and more efficient
  • Better performance
  • Simplified design
  • Spend less time gathering data and more time acting on analysis

National Instruments CDAQ

  • CDAQ is short for CompactDAQ

"CompactDAQ is a portable, rugged DAQ platform that integrates connectivity and signal conditioning into modular I/O for directly interfacing to any sensor or signal. From in-vehicle data logging to benchtop research, the breadth of bus, chassis, controller, and I/O conditioning options combined with the customizable nature of LabVIEW software provide the best solution to meet the needs of any medium-channel-count application."


  • Customizable
  • Exceptional performance
  • Increased accuracy, speed, and efficiency
  • Direct connection to other tools
  • Rugged design that lasts
  • Simultaneous operations
  • Stream more data faster
  • Automation opportunities

"The main difference between them: the CDAQ is inteded for use with a PC."


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