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Erdos Miller Adds Expert Witness Services to Successful Technology Product Design and Automation Services

(Houston, Texas) Erdos Miller, a local Houston technology consulting services firm expands its services to include Expert Witness Services. According to David Erdos, a principal of the firm, “Intellectual property, patents and litigation support have become increasingly important to our client base. It just makes sense to offer these services alongside our existing lineup.” Kenneth Miller, a founding partner of Erdos Miller says, “We know what it’s like to have your technology and your company on the line so we treat each case as if it is OUR company on the line.”

Design and Defend: Erdos Miller provides Expert Witness services with a strong background in drilling technology, including subsurface and surface technology, completions technology, drilling algorithms, automation and intelligence. “It’s not enough to just design great technology. You have to defend it as well,” says Miller. Erdos Miller’s expert witness offerings are also perfectly suited for clients that have developed their proprietary technology in the LabVIEW programming language. “The LabVIEW programming language is extremely powerful, but it is still a new language, so it’s often difficult to find expert witnesses who are well versed in an advanced, graphical programming language,” says Miller.

Founded by Kenneth Miller and Abraham Erdos in Houston, Texas in 2009, Erdos Miller initially offered electronic product design services to customers hungry for new and advanced drilling technology products, but quickly saw the need for LabVIEW-based automation services. “Product Design and LabVIEW have always gone hand-in-hand,” says Miller who adds, “A successful product design effort is always accompanied by meticulous attention to detail and exhaustive testing in manufacturing.” Anticipating demand, the firm expanded their practice from solely oil and gas drilling technology to medical, automative, and agricultural technology verticals. “Erdos Miller has a distinguished track record helping over one hundred clients develop valuable intellectual property and trade secrets while also filing patents on aggressive and ground-breaking new technologies," says David Erdos.

Why Use Erdos Miller Expert Witness Services?

  • We are practicing engineers who bring a fresh, well-honed commercial expertise to the legal efforts.
  • We are a firm, not just a single expert, quickly providing multiple opinions from engineers from different disciplines.
  • We are one of a select few Houston engineering firms offering expert witness services for the LabVIEW programming language which is at the heart of numerous O & G technologies.
  • We are well versed in defense of intellectual property through trade secrets and patents, and have a track record of careful performance in depositions and hearings.

For more information about Erdos Miller Expert Witness Services:

Contact Kenneth Miller at ken@erdosmiller.com or (713-562-4315)

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