Customer Experience means everything to us, Here's Why...

Publish Date 13 Apr 2022 Casey MayesCasey Mayes

Here at Erdos Miller, we all strive for the same goal, and that is to provide our customers with world class products, service, and most importantly, an unparalleled customer service experience. This is by no means a one-person job. It takes a highly skilled group of individuals, coming together, across different departments, collaborating on ideas, discussing roadblocks, and making the best decisions possible.

We foster a continuous improvement mentality, and we are constantly pushing the boundaries of our capabilities to take each of our product lines to the next level. Whether that’s improving our software, firmware, design on existing products, or always having a project under R&D to outperform its predecessor. We rely heavily on our customers feedback, as this gives us the information, we need to make our products the best in its class and surpass our competitors.

We feel that staying in constant communication with our customers sets us apart from anyone else in our industry. If customers have sent their tools in for repair, we like to keep them apprised on the status of their tool, any issues that we might have run into while trying to repair their tool, or anything else that could potentially prolong getting our customer’s tool back into their hands. We believe that full transparency with our customers, be it good or bad, is the best course of action. This then lets our customers plan accordingly on their side. At the end of the day, there is an actual person on the other end of every email and phone call and making sure that our customers are taken care of, is our number one priority.


Prior to any tool leaving our facility, we put them through rigorous testing. An accelerated destructive test, also known as HASS testing, is performed on every tool. This test eliminates a tools infancy failure, while also exposing any other potential inadequacies. Auditing all tools with this testing, prevents failures at a customer's site by 100%, thus ensuring our customers are set up for complete success, once our products reach their hands.



Pictured is our MicroPulse Directional Modules Testing at our partner facility  DynaQual Test Labs. 


Downtime for our customers is very impactful for their mission accomplishment. At Erdos Miller, we hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to our unmatched customer service experience. We try to go above and beyond to exceed customer expectations and perceptions. For issues that emerge out in the field, we have an exceptional team of Field Support Specialists, ready at a moment’s notice to efficiently and diligently resolve any issues. Getting our customers back up and running, with the utmost urgency, is our main goal.






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