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COVID & Kids: Managing Work and Parenting During the Pandemic

What a year. When this started, I didn’t think we would still be in the middle of a pandemic and I would still be working from home 8 months later. At the time, my kids were starting their spring break and we knew they would have 1 week of online schooling afterwards. That first week of virtual school and working from home was disorganized, to say the least. We had every computer and internet problem one could imagine. From router failure to laptops crashing, suddenly, I had to become an IT specialist. Convincing my 4-year-old to come out from under the table during class was another challenge. With all the ups and downs these past months, there are many lessons learned.

Make time for yourself and your mental health.

It is hard not to get stuck in the same daily rut. Take some time out to mediate, exercise or do something for yourself. Even if it is only a few minutes to debrief from the chaos of the day, something is better than nothing.

Prepare for the next day the night before.

Instead of trying to organize things in the morning, try setting up the things before. Everything from the computer for virtual learning, all class material and even snacks and lunch. That way you are not scrambling in the morning or during the day to find things the kids need during the day.

Set work boundaries.

Now that your place of work is home, it is important to set boundaries. Make sure it is clear what your work hours are and try to stick to them. Take lunch breaks away from your workspace and try to schedule social virtual meetings with coworkers.

This year has been uncharted territory for everyone. Hopefully things will be getting better soon. In the meantime, take one day at a time and try not to stress about everything going on. Try to learn from your experiences and make the most of your time.