Erdos Miller at NI Week 2016

At NI Week 2016, Erdos Miller featured our expertise with LabVIEW and ability to take ideas from concept to commercialization with great design and engineering.

Efficient LabVIEW Projects: A Team-Based Approach 
[Dr. T's Top Pick Presentation] 

Erdos Miller presented three strategies that can help you rapidly develop high-quality code in a multideveloper environment:

  1. A predetermined workflow with defined roles and requirements
  2. A LabVIEW architecture that avoids merging changes in source control
  3. A coherent, a unified intercompany and intracompany communication plan.
These strategies can reduce time to market and arm a client to take program ownership.
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  • Slides from the presentation
  • White Paper: 3 Strategies for Developing Efficient LabVIEW Projects Using a Team-Based Approach which goes into more detail on the strategies presented