Case Studies

Developing a Real-Time Control and Data Acquisition System for a Deep Water Application

To simplify blowout preventer (BOP) testing, Engenuity Inc. selected Erdos Miller to create an automated BOP testing and maintenance system so that users could drag and drop test components onto a screen, along with the appropriate valve and timing for their application - with no programming experience required. This setup created a leading solution that saves time and money while making drilling easier and safer.

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Automating a Centrifuge System to Assess Oil Quality

A manufacturer of oil testing equipment offers clients a centrifuge product that is able to read and assess the makeup of an oil sample. When the company wanted to enhance the centrifuge by automating the system, ultimately taking pressure off of the operator and improving overall data reliability, they sought a product development partner to do so. Reliable, accurate data is critical to this application, as the quality measurement helps companies ensure they’re paying for the correct amount of oil.

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Creating an automated Data-logging System for inflatable packers

Isolation Technologies provides solutions for zonal isolation in oil, gas, and geothermal applications with a focus on inflatable packers. They needed a custom, automated test platform for characterization and production. 




Creating an Oil Valve Test System That Ensures Critical Value Reliability

A global company that creates and produces flow and pressure control technologies for the worldwide oil and gas industry sought to upgrade its hardware and use real-time rugged electronics to test oil well valves and better understand how they would withstand extreme environments - in particular, in the event that a wellhead caught on fire.

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