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MicroPulse MP3 [Directional Sensor] Rental Program

Introducing Erdos Miller’s new tool rental program. We’ve created a rental program that allows you to rent out our MicroPulse MP3 tool. Now, you’re able to test out our tool to make sure it fits your standards and requirements.

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MicroPulse MP3 (150°C)

The MicroPulse directional sensor uses state of the art solid state accelerometers and magnetometers to deliver highly accurate directional measurements. Every MicroPulse 3 sensor meets the ISCWSA Standard Error Model limits. (Revision 4)
Main Features Include:
  • Continuous Inclination
  • Continuous Azimuth
  • Real-Time Shock and Vibe
  • Stick Slip
  • Built-in Azimuthal Gamma Controller Functionality




Here are the Main Specs for the MP3:

Inclination Accuracy

Azimuth Accuracy

cInc Accuracy

cAzm Accuracy

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The Main Benefits of the Rental Program Include:


All calibrations are handled by us


A half day of training for integration

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Quick Turnaround time on tools


24/7 Customer Support


Latest Updated technology featuring our Continuous Azimuth Measurement


Upgrade your fleet without spending on too much CapEx


No need to worry about software or hardware updates, no extra payments


The Rental Program costs $3,000 a month per tool. It includes:

  • All calibrations handled by Erdos Miller.
  • A half day training for integration.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • No long-term commitments!

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