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Erdos Miller ran a survey about Dual Telemetry Tools to get a better understanding of how and where these systems are being used in the industry.

The final results were analyzed taking into account the information gathered from 67 respondents who qualified themselves as either "Service Company Managers or Coordinators", "MWD Field Engineers", or "Drilling Engineers or Operators".


Inside the report you will find:

Dual Telemetry Survey Report

  • How frequently are companies using Dual Telemetry Tools on their jobs.
  • What the biggest perceived advantages and disadvantages are for Dual Telemetry Tools.
  • In which basins companies are currently deploying Dual Telemetry Systems.
  • In which basins companies have had success or failure.
  • Which Dual Telemetry Tools manufacturers are the preferred ones.
  • Other interesting insights and information.