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Transforming Mechanical Tools into Electronic downhole Tools

Erdos Miller's groundbreaking oilfield tool engineering research & development has led to great changes in the oil & gas industry. The Erdos Miller team has the power to transform older-style electronic tools into 1 simple tool, or increase your mechanical tool's capabilities by making it an enhanced electronic downhole tool.

So what happens when you convert mechanically driven downhole tools into downhole electronics?

The benefits of Erdos Miller's oilfield tool engineering are many:

  • More flexibility
  • Better communication
  • Easier to store data
  • Ability to build on redundancy
  • Lower costs
  • Increase reliability
  • Continuous improvement through data analysis

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Reliability Upgrades

Erdos Miller works to bring products into the next generation of reliability with our oilfield tool engineering. We modernize and upgrade designs in order to move industries into the future with a competitive edge. Our high-quality designs give our customers the ability to remain competitive in their market, while also making their processes easier, more efficient, and less costly.

As an oilfield engineering consultant, you can trust Erdos Miller. We know the best products on the market, and can create high-quality, best of breed tools to fit your needs while saving you money.

No longer do you have to settle for retail devices off the shelf. If you're unhappy with what's on the market, we can offer you a perfect solution. Erdos Miller can design you something that no one else in the industry has, giving you a competitive advantage over "state-of-the-art" tools on the market today.

oilfield tool engineering Case Study - Converting Mechanical to Electronic

Erdos Miller helped one of the largest oil field service companies in the world to transition from traditional mechnical to electronically-controlled downhole perforation tools. This transition from mechanical downhole tools to electronic downhole tools had a big impact.

 The end result? The company was able to work with more complex wells, increased reliability and flexibility, while also maintaining all the benefits of the original tool.

The change from mechanical components to electronic controls may seem small, but it made a huge difference in the way the company operates. Their downhole process is now much more capable, reliable, and efficient thanks to Erdos Miller.

A Competitive Edge

Your competition is using the same tools you are to get the job done. But what if you had custom tools that worked better, faster, and did more?

Our oilfield tool engineering team designs custom embedded electronics for you and have experience working to create solutions for any environment. During any project, our aim is to positively impact your bottom line and give you a competitive advantage.

Our oilfield tool engineering capabilities include:

  • High temperature and rugged electronics (175C, 200C+)
  • Design and implementation of mixed signal embedded electronics (MCUs, DSP, FPGA, NISOM, and more).
  • Hand-held devices that run real-time operations systems (WinCE, embedded Linux, SYS BIOS)
  • High speed data acquisition systems
  • Directional drilling electronics
  • Analog sensor interface and complex analog design
  • Low voltage and high voltage switching power supplies

Reduce costs. Increase reliability. And get tons more benefits.

All it takes to get there is Erdos Miller.

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