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Simple Practice of Time Management

Time Management can be very easy but also complicated based on schedules. But with practice the skill of time management can become a passive practice through weeks or even months by just starting with some simple practice.


Look at What Needs to Be Done

The way to start managing time is to look at what needs to be done and put a level of priority to each task. From here you set an efficient schedule to maximize your time and get each task done most efficiently. Usually putting high priority tasks above others while low priority ones can be put between or moved around completely in a busy schedule.


Timing isn't always perfect

Timing for each task won't be perfect, a way to think of them as time blocks within the day. Using a time block instead of a set time you able to manage time but not stress with meeting a time or deadline to finish an objective instead you want a kind of comfort zone with your time for each task. By using a block method over a set time schedule one person can be very flexible to more open time or starting early on other things. While having set times can be difficult to do with other things get in the way causing a schedule to get behind.


Create a Daily, Weekly, and Monthly plan

Set a time to plan out things at the beginning of the day, week, or month based on how busy of a schedule one person can have. Setting this up and writing it out gives this planning more of a purpose.


Set Achievable Goals

Set achievable goals that can always be met and set yourself up to succeed. Don't overfill your schedule with tasks and times that can't be achieved, but also don't be light with your schedule when more tasks can be done throughout a day.


Time Can Be flexible

Don't always stress about not achieving a simple task on a busy schedule there is always more time to finish them. Low-priority tasks can always be flexible or worked around later in a schedule. While high-priority tasks can be given more time if needed.              


Have Time for What You Want to Do

With an already busy schedule or general schedule always plan some free time. Having to manage an already busy schedule can be stressful but with that make sure time to make free time for yourself and your family.