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Need a 2nd Opinion? Fractional CTO Office Hours now Available

Am I headed in the right direction?

Is my current path likely to yield results?

Do I have the right team?

Are my results typical? Are they sub-standard? Are they better than expected?

How much should I expect to spend to achieve the desired result?

Guiding an engineering team to the successful development of new technology is by far one of the more difficult tasks that I have taken up in my career. My teams and I have worked to deliver some really great technology for our clients as well as ourselves but one thing that I would have really appreciated having along the way was just a second opinion.

Technology development is my passion, and so, when I can do it for free, I will. You can now reach me personally for a second opinion by phone during my "office hours." Use the link below to schedule a quick phone meeting with me during which we can:

a) Get to know your situation

b) Provide feed-back from a seasoned technology development team leader

c) Help you understand what might be a good a path to go forward with

d) Give you a gut-level check if you are going the right direction.

Schedule A Free Call For A Second Opinion

About The Author

Ken Miller began his career in automotive microcontroller development, but quickly found his niche in the oilfield: downhole tool design. Ken’s passion is for technology and finding new ways to solve old problems. He can quickly understand a new challenge and provide the leadership to deliver the best technical and business solution to customer’s needs. His business vision and leadership has grown Erdos Miller to the successful engineering and product development firm that it is today.

About Erdos Miller

Erdos Miller guides and assists clients in the creation of advanced technology. Erdos Miller's clients are forward thinking companies that are never satisfied with the status quo and are always looking to challenge the expectations of what can be done.

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