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Erdos Miller Job Openings

We are currentlys earching for some talented and determined team members to help us grow!

LabVIEW Thought Leader and Customer Champion

You would have the following responsibilites:

a) Transform customers through creative application of technology

b) Show the world what's possible through creative writing and online materials

c) Lead our team in transforming customers through solving difficult problems

d) Brain storm new solutions for Big Data, Asset Tracking, Data Analysis, Condition Monitoring, Equipment Control and many other tough problems.

Talented senior firmware developer who shares our core values and passion for creatively building great technology!

You would have the following responsibilities:

a) Tackle customer firmware projects in a highly efficient and targeted manner.

b) Help us build up our internal tool set of amazing firmware building blocks.

c) Help us build upon our MWD-OS Real-Time Operating system for Measurement While Drilling Tools.

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