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Company Beginnings

So I sat down with Ken Miller, the CEO & Founder of Erdos Miller to discuss how the company began.

Opportunistic, dedicated, self confident, and passionate are all words you could say describe an entrepreneur. Maybe? What perpetuates you to make that decision and take that leap of faith to begin starting your own entrepreneurial journey? Ken Miller shares with us on how started Erdos Miller and where it has led him today.

For some brief background Ken and Abe Erdos met each other as interns at the company Teledrill Inc. They have known each other for about 10 years. Ken always wanted to own his own company. During the early years there was no set product idea that he and Abe had mind. Much like their competitors they would work on a project by project basis. Like many young entrepreneurs they studied and learned the industry to improve their knowledge and skillset.

In the beginning Ken flew out to Los Angeles, California to network and meet with other entrepreneurs. While gaining more insight and learning from the people he met he decided to start the company in Los Angeles. Ken received his first two clients in while starting his company there. One client was a realtor and they created one of the first smartphone locks in 2008. This provided the ability for the realtor to open doors to the houses for clients without him physically being there at that moment. That was one of the first products created under the Erdos Miller name.

Some people might say timing is everything when it comes to different opportunities in your life. The timing for this encounter was what really sparked the beginning for the Erdos Miller company.

“I was playing pool in the right bar, on the right night and I ran into a guy named Jim.” Ken explained. Jim Celine was an entrepreneur as well who was trying to build aftermarket car parts for the Nissan 300zx. He knew how to operate of the mechanical stuff but did not know have the knowledge to work with the electronics. From then on it was a match to begin working together. These were the first two clients that formed contracts with Erdos Miller.

Many new entrepreneurs might relate to the struggle of balancing your 9-5 and getting your own company off the ground while trying to stay afloat. The pressure to balance both jobs became very tiring for Ken and Abe so they decided to take on Teledrill Inc. which was their day job as a contract. This ended up working out for Ken and Abe to have three contracts and full time work. From here they were able to buy an office and start hiring employees to expand outwards. Like many early stages of a business their resources were limited with a small office space and paying the business fees. In hindsight it provided them with the foundation needed to get the ball rolling for Erdos Miller.

2011 was the year that started the ideas towards development of Micropulse. The creation of this technology provided Ken and Abe valuable insight for the company’s future. It enhanced both Ken and Abe’s skill set without learning on a client’s dime. “While doing this we were learning to trade and develop our own products. Which taught us how hard it really is.” Ken recalls. It taught them what they did and didn’t know about the market. It also taught them what else they could offer to clients. Once the development of they created the Micropulse at first it didn’t actually yield a lot of product sales but it also gave us the confidence and know-how to go out and bid on fairly large consulting contracts.” 2011-2014 were years where everything started to come into place for getting Erdos Miller more established. 2014 was a year that became a turning point year for Erdos Miller because of starting a partnership with JAE. At the time JAE had an idea for a product but wasn’t a complete idea. Erdos Miller contributed their own ideas to the product idea and this became a milestone to where the product became a success and sold ridiculously well. As the industry shifts 2015-2016 were tough years for many in the Oil & Gas industry because of the downturn. Throughout these recent years Erdos Miller is getting back on their feet and continuing to grow and mature as a company.