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Erdos Miller's WITS Simulator is a simple tool for developing and testing WITS based communications devices and software.

If you’re developing or deploying software anywhere the WITS specification is used, EM's WITS Simulator can help you reach your goals faster. It is built on top of our field-proven WITS Library for LabVIEW. The WITS toolkit has been deployed in multiple products and has exchanged information with major WITS vendors.

Please Note: Software available on Windows only




This webinar recording explains the main features of the WITS Simulator





  1. Can the WITS Simulator simulate all WITS records?
    • Yes! The program is flexible and can be configured to output any tag. 
  2. Does it work over just Serial or TCP as well?
    • Both! The program can send WITS data through serial (RS232) or TCP/IP.
  3. Can I customize the data?
    • Yes! There are tools to set static values, repeating values and even load your own data.
  4. What operating system does it run on?
    • The WITS Simulator should run on Windows 7 and later. Let us know if you need to run it on another operating system.
  5. What servers can it simulate?
    • The WITS Simulator can behave similarly to popular EDR systems such as Pason, NOV Totco, CANRIG and more.
  6. What level WITS does the simulator implement?
    • The WITS Simulator uses only WITS level 0. We have never seen a field application that used anything other than level 0, so we've never had need for higher level functionality.
  7. What format should I use for custom data playback?
    • Please download an example playback file here, and feel free to customize with your data.