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Download QMIX/QBUS MWD Communication Protocol - A Brief Introduction [Guide]

ErdosMiller-Qmix-qBusDo you know and understand how popular Measurement While Drilling (MWD) tools communicate internally? 

This guide goes over the basics of the popular QMIX/QBUS Communications protocol.

The QMIX/QBUS is an embedded Communications Protocol that is a predecessor to newer protocols such as CAN BUS. Nevertheless, QMIX/QBUS is widely used by many vendors today and still represents a standard in MWD. Check out the guide for more details.


Inside this guide you will find:

  • How the Bus architecture is defined and controlled.
  • The Bus Communication Protocol: polling sequences, calling sequences, and message broadcasts.
  • How the fields are structured: Header, Data, and CRC.
  • All information laid out simply, using examples.

Download the Guide and learn more!