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Survey Report

Download The MWD Tech Report 2022.

Learn about the present and future use of technology in the MWD Industry.





We believe that great technology comes from collaboration and cannot be invented in a bubble. We are passionate about developing Measurement While Drilling technology.
At the beginning of 2022, we conducted a survey to better understand the MWD landscape, surveying a total of 84 respondents who work directly in the MWD industry daily, from field engineers, R&D managers, operations managers, and VPs to project specialists and salespeople.
The results are finally out, and you can click here to download the report.

Inside the MWD Tech Report 2022 you will find:

  • The state of job automation and manned vs. unmanned jobs in the industry.
  • What the real adoption of the latest technologies is: Dynamic Sequences, Azimuthal Gamma, and RSS.
  • Usage of Solid-State MEMs vs. Traditional Quartz or Fluxgate.
  • What most companies are using as pulse widths for the curve, the intermediate, and the deep lateral.
  • Ken Miller's insights on the survey results.
  • Much more!

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Download the MWD Tech Report 2022 for free